100 drones

for the army

Our goal is to deliver 100 DJI Mavic 3 and DJI Mavic 3 FMC drones to professional aerial reconnaissance units on the eastern and southern fronts every month

Offensive Wave



100 дронів для ЗСУ

щомісяця 🔥

100 дронів для ЗСУ

щомісяця 🦉

Наша з вами мета кожного місяця передавати 100 дронів DJI Mavic 3 та DJI Mavic 3 FMC професійним підрозділам аєророзвідки на східний і південний напрямки фронту.

By collecting funds for drones, you:

Preserve the  pick of the Ukrainian nation
Drones are the 'eyes in the sky' for our soldiers. They are as essential for survival as body armor, first aid kits, or generators. Drones have the ability to detect enemy movements up to 10-15 kilometers away, providing valuable time for making tactical decisions.

Make the Ukrainian Armed Forces stronger
Drones not only save lives but are also an indispensable asset for the effective operation of our artillery and other precision equipment and weaponry. It's thanks to drones that we can strike the enemy fast and accurately.

Bring us closer to Victory
The better our reconnaissance works, the faster the counteroffensive can proceed. Regular supply of drones to the front lines is a guarantee of our Victory Day.


drones with thermal imagers are provided


drones without thermal imagers are provided


million worth of drones are provided


million worth of assistance is provided

How we do it?

First Stage

We monitor the cost of the necessary goods through our extensive network of suppliers worldwide (Europe, China, USA, UK, and others).


Second Stage

We purchase equipment directly from the manufacturer or with as few intermediaries as possible. We organize the entire logistics chain (sea, air, land, and road) and promptly deliver the goods to warehouses in Europe near the Ukrainian border. Simultaneously, we prepare a package of documents for having customs clearance process without delays.


Third Stage

We deliver the goods to our hubs in Ukraine. We conduct mandatory maintenance for vehicles and apply camouflage.


Fourth Stage

We promptly deliver the aid to the military units that have requested it. All aid is registered in the military unit. The military unit provides reports, acts, and, where possible, photos and videos.


Why does it work effectively?

Focus and Expertise

We maintain a clear focus on aid: drones, vehicles, precision equipment.  We are well-versed in Ukrainian and international legislation and all the intricacies involved in the swift preparation of documents and the import of dual-use goods into Ukraine.


In our warehouse, we have professional international logistics experts with over 10 years of experience.During the full-scale war, we have developed a rapid, well-established procurement and supply system for high-tech equipment to the front lines.

Choose your subscription



100 000




2 500





Regular Contribution for Business owners

₴100 000


*in the equivalent of the national currency

The subscription payment format is individually agreed upon with the donor.Each patron receives photos and videos from drones, as well as (if possible) videos with gratitude from the Ukrainian Armed Forces fighters.

All provided materials are transferred to the full ownership of the patron and can be used on social media, websites, or other public platforms.

Make a subscription

Donation “Storm”

Subscribing is done by linking your bank card to payment services.

Funds are automatically deducted from your bank card on the date of the first contribution.

If, for any reason, you can no longer continue to be a patron, you can cancel your subscription.

₴2 500




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