Hold the wave
of Ukrainian identity defense

Waveʼ91 is a charitable foundation. We provide the military with technology, we manufacture FPV drones, and we organize events celebrating Ukraine's independence


million dollars of aid was provided


million dollars provided for drones


FPV kamikaze drones produced


million dollars provided for production of high-precision equipment

About us

The unprecedented and cynical cruelty with which russia tried and still tries to destroy and subjugate us caused an earthquake in the minds of Ukrainians. Powerful fluctuations shifted the layering of tectonic plates from the imposing russian world and caused the appearance of waves. Waves of resistance and struggle. Waves of unification and help. Waves of cultural flourishing.

What do we do

We work on three key fronts

Charity front

We provide the Armed Forces and the State Emergency Service with the necessary resources to fight the war with russia for a free Ukraine.

Cultural front

We hold events with prominent public, cultural, scientific and business figures to strengthen the boundaries of identity in the minds of Ukrainians.

Military front

We teach civilians the basics of military training to strengthen combat readiness for war and the knowledge of how to behave in emergency situations.

At the Charity Front, we help in three key areas:


Kamikaze drones, Matrice 300 RTK, Matrice 30T, Evo 2 Dual 640T Enterprise, EVO 2 PRO, Mavic 3


Pickup trucks, armored cars, fire engines, ambulances

High-precision equipment

Anti-drone guns, sights, binoculars, Starlink, radio signal repeaters

Help the Ukrainian people fight off the russian aggression

by funding projects which are now the most urgent

Close the sky with FPV drones

Our foundation produces FPV kamikaze drones, antennas, initiation boards for aerial reconnaissance units. We are developing the military-tech sector in Ukraine. 4000 kamikaze drones were produced; we need your funds to keep supplying those FPV drones

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100 reconnaissance drones

We invite you to help us provide each month one hundred DJI Mavic drones to professional air reconnaissance units on the eastern and southern fronts

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Help us on a continuous basis

Enroll in a regular donation, and once a month, you will automatically support our army. You yourself choose the comfortable amount to contribute towards our victory.

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How do we do it?

First Stage

We monitor the cost of the necessary goods through our extensive network of suppliers worldwide (Europe, China, USA, UK, and others).


Second Stage

We purchase equipment directly from the manufacturer or with as few intermediaries as possible. We organize the entire logistics chain (sea, air, land, and road) and promptly deliver the goods to warehouses in Europe near the Ukrainian border. Simultaneously, we prepare a package of documents for having customs clearance process without delays.


Third Stage

We deliver the goods to our hubs in Ukraine. We conduct mandatory maintenance for vehicles and apply camouflage.


Fourth Stage

We promptly deliver the aid to the military units that have requested it. All aid is registered in the military unit. The military unit provides reports, acts, and, where possible, photos and videos.



During the 11 months of the full-scale invasion, we have helped amount to:

174 166 500 UAH


Дрони з тепловізоором
 по типу DJI Matrice 300 RTK/Autel EVO II Dual Enterprise та легкі по типу DJI Mavic 3

40 514 000 грн


Оптика та радіозвʼязок

ПНБ, тепловізори, рації, високоточні гвинтівки та снайперське спорядження

48 657 000 грн


Транспорт та техніка

Пікапи, пожежні автомобілі, карети швидкої медичної допомоги, кран, АКБ, шини тощо.

24 935 100 грн



Тактичні аптечки IFAK, джут-турнікети, бандажи, гемостатичні бинти, різна медицина.

19 165 800 грн


Захисне спорядження

Броніжилети, бронеплити, шоломи, плитоноски, костюми танкістів, термобілізна та інше

38 466 600 грн


Господарські товари та захисні споруди

Господарські товари та захисні споруди, перевезення військової та цивільної  допомоги.

2 428 000 грн